Pinning in a new way.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you are probably behind in the social media trends. With over 14 million users and being called the U.S. third most popular social media site, Pinterest is taking over the world.

Pinterest is a social media platform full of pictures. You can “pin” what you like and store them on your boards. If you click on the picture, it will lead you to the website or blog that is came from. For example, a picture of butterscotch chocolate treats is posted. Clicking on that particular picture will lead you to recipe.

Many companies and individuals are engaging in this new communication channel. It is another way for a company to promote themselves through a more visualized way. When a consumer sees the product in use, it is easier for them to connect with it. This website allows the consumer to save their favorite pins, which will keep that companies product connected to the consumer longer. Pinterest can help:

  1. Drive sales
  2. Increase ability to reach a greater audience
  3. Gain new customers
  4. Brand awareness

Companies have been creating contests through Pinterest.  According to, consumers can win sweepstakes by repining a picture, creating a certain board and following a brand. This is a great way for companies to gain interaction with their audience.


Nine companies using Pinterest contests as a tactic:

  1. AMC Theaters
  2. British Midland International (BMI)
  3. HuHot
  4. Peugeot Panamá
  5. Homes
  6. Threadless
  7. Victoria’s Secret
  8. High Point Market
  9. Emailvision



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